Tuesday, September 29, 2009

090509 Golfito to Pavones, Costa Rica

9/5/09: 0635 undock from Fish Hook Marina, heading back to Pavones for some surf. A short stop at the fuel dock to fill up diesel and we’re on our way by 0755. 13 miles away, we drop anchor at Pavones at 1100 in 20’ of water, good holding. Surf is small, around 2’ Hawaiian style, and a handful of people are out. Chris and I make it to the line up, and have a short but fun session on the consistent left handers. Since my fish is still in surgery, compliments of Munchman, I test out his fish and have a great time.
9/6/09: 0545 early am surf session in 1-2’ and glassy conditions, it’s a mid tide going low. By 0615 it’s inconsistent and crowded, and we head back to Iwalani by 0700. Going ashore, we walk the small town and out towards Punta Blanco, take a dip and cool off in the chilly, fresh water stream flowing out to the surf, then return to Iwalani. 1615: dragging anchor with increasing winds, Capt Chris decides to anchor up and head back to Golfito for safe harbor. High altitude cirrus clouds on the horizon promised consistently increasing winds 15 – 18 kts and possible rain, making for a rolly, unsettling night. It’s currently raining heavily in Golfito, but the water is calm and well protected. 1800: Sailing into a lightning storm, we take down the jib and main sail just in time before the wind switches up. Thunder and lightning rage all around us and it seems we are headed directly into the eye of the storm. Making less than 3 kts, we take our path with slow and deliberate steps toward impending doom. Amazingly, the storm parts, there’s no rain, the seas becalm and we pick up speed to 4.3 kts. 2015: drop anchor in the dark off Fish Hook Marina. We’re back!
9/7/09: 0845 we grab a mooring ball at Landsea Marina, located right next to Fish Hook Marina. We check in with proprietor Tim, recognizable with his big white beard, and he gives us a tour of the place. It’s by far the best little marina we’ve encountered. Cruiser friendly, well kept and clean, well organized and thought out, cool d├ęcor, all the amenities you’d want, everything on the honor system (beers and sodas, and you sign in on the board on the day you arrive), and a slew of DOGS! Riley the boxer, Vinny “da gangsta” mini-pin, Peanut the littlest mut, Rags the scraggly mut, and Abu the cat who resides on Tim’s Magic Carpet, Costa Rica’s first house boat. At 1400 there’s a loud barking commotion coming from the dingy dock. Three dogs are barking incessantly at the sky above. Aha! There’s a buzzard on the roof, apparently checking out the dock and the littlest dog, Peanut. Oh oh. Along comes Riley the boxer who lets out several deep barks and off flaps the buzzard. Riley to the rescue! Peanut is safe once again, and they all traipse back up the gangway to safety. 1915: showering and exiting the common area before the 1930 curfew, a torrential downpour seems to stall my departure. I try to wave to Chris on Iwalani to hold off from coming ashore to pick me up till the rain subsides, but my true love jumps into Opihi, motors over to the dingy dock shirtless and drenched, and lovingly hands me an open umbrella. Wow, I love this guy.
9/9/09: The morning is spent on final errands and we also pick up 2 kilos of killer ahi! 0920 let go mooring to depart Golfito and head back to Pavones. 1000 sashimi and poison cru coming right up! Oh – oh. Seas are getting a bit rough from wind chop and 2’ wind swells, and the winds are blowing at 15 kts. We don’t want to turn around and go back to Golfito again, so Chris makes a slight change of venue at Pavones. Instead of anchoring off the surf spot, we find a little backside bay just around the corner, and find a small bay better protected from open ocean wind and swell. 1245: drop anchor with good holding, and we’re happily stable.

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